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The Truth About Equity Release, What Your Clients Need You To Know

  This 2-day course is designed to give a better understanding of how to help clients make informed decisions on whether to utilise their property wealth now or in the future. With clients looking to retire on just their state pensions, utilising their property wealth may be the only option to be able to enjoy […]

Pensions and Death – taxing questions answered

New Online Course for 2022! Tutor:  Adam Johnson   PENSIONS and DEATH – taxing questions answered Looking at the tax treatment of Money Purchase and Defined Benefit Pensions for clients on death. The advantages (and challenges) of pension spousal bypass trusts. Planning points for the estate planner to consider.   Dates: Tuesday, 29th March 2022 […]

Unlocking Your Appointment Potential

  Online Course via GoToMeeting Tutor:  Antony Brinkman This course is a step-by-step breakdown of the client appointment. From the preparation before the appointment, through the greeting, fact-finding, presentation of solutions, closing of the sale, instruction-taking, handling of common problems in the appointment right through to the successful conclusion of the meeting. It covers an […]

The Will Validity Course

  THE WILL VALIDITY COURSE – online via GoToMeeting Tutor:  Antony Brinkman Most of the clients we see and the circumstances under which we conduct our business are, thankfully, quite “normal”.  There will not be any question about their mental capacity or any concerns about duress or unnecessary pressures.  But sometimes there will be.  It […]

Business Development Forensics

Many business owners lack the basic skills when it comes to finding the right prospect leads, along with assuming and often expecting their prospects to pick the phone up & contact them.  Understanding the customer journey, wearing their shoes for a day, really interrogating, knowing, and understanding your data such as how much does it […]

Digital and traditional lead generation processes that work

FACT – every business needs to find new customers, selling is about telling.  This workshop is aimed at those who are serious about finding new customers and who want to develop their current customer base to buy more.  This is aimed at business owners who ultimately want to grow their business using tried and tested […]

Negligent Will Drafting

Brand new course for 2020! Making a will is fairly straightforward, making a valid one takes a little more time. This course aims to demonstrate how to draft a negligent will. In drafting such a will practitioners will develop their skills in identifying problems and pitfalls in drafting practice. The course updates practitioners with current […]

The Impact of Divorce and Separation on Estate Planning

  Available online via Zoom Divorce and separation in later generations can jeopardise your clients’ best laid plans. Separation and divorce can dramatically impact the estate planning arrangements made by the couple’s parents. This often results in unforeseen and unattractive consequences. Family wealth that had been intended to pass down through the generations can be […]

CRM Seminar

  Get the most out of your Sure Will Writer! Sure Will Writer has had a CRM (client relationship management) system included as part of your subscription since launch, but are you fully utilising this? If you want to learn more about what the CRM system can do and how to tailor it to yourself […]

The Practicalities of Assessing Mental Capacity

  Please join Tim Farmer of TSF Consultants to increase your competence and confidence when assessing mental capacity.  This training session is designed to assist you in identifying when mental capacity is in issue, focusing on the steps you need to take when discussing Wills and LPAs with your clients. It offers the opportunity to […]