Unlocking Your Appointment Potential - Online via Zoom

5 Hours CPD


Tutor:  Antony Brinkman

This course is a step-by-step breakdown of the client appointment. From the preparation before the appointment, through the greeting, fact-finding, presentation of solutions, closing of the sale, instruction-taking, handling of common problems in the appointment right through to the successful conclusion of the meeting.

It covers an in-depth breakdown of the 20 different sections of an appointment, with analysis of not just what to do, but how to do it and why. The logical sequence of actions conducted one-after-another leads to smooth, successful appointments, and more people being helped.

Whether you are new to estate planning, or have years of experience behind you, this course will bring a fresh viewpoint to your appointments to help you unlock the potential that you might otherwise be missing!


Dates for 2024:

17th April

16th October

Timings:  9:30-3:30



I learned the importance of planning, practicing and having prepared answers and understanding the different components and opportunities of the meeting. I was happy I joined

Found it useful and in particular little bits of information i.e. DocuSign, land registry, getting authority to release info form signed earlier, realising that I don’t like my fact find but that actually I can just change it! Thank you!


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