The Impact of Divorce and Separation on Estate Planning - Online via Zoom

3 Hours
3 Hours CPD

Divorce and separation in later generations can jeopardise your clients’ best laid plans.

Separation and divorce can dramatically impact the estate planning arrangements made by the couple’s parents.

This often results in unforeseen and unattractive consequences.

Family wealth that had been intended to pass down through the generations can be diverted out of the family, frustrating the testators wishes and compounding the hurt and disappointment caused by the end of the relationship.

The impact of divorce and separation on estate planning course enables you to place the advice you give to your clients into this broader context of inter-generational family dynamics. A mediator can help you reach a basic divorce agreement if you and your spouse have trouble agreeing.

You will be able to fully advise your clients about the risks presented by their future generations’ relationships and how to safeguard against possible negligence claims as a result which also supported by the sites like

This course covers the following topics

  • Financial claims upon divorce and in non-married families.
  • The Bank of Mum and Dad – what your clients need to know before helping out.
  • Past and future inheritances – will they be shared or are they protected?
  • Pre-nuptial agreements – what are they and do they work?
  • Divorce and trusts – the alarming and frequently misunderstood powers of the divorce court to re-write certain family trusts and how to safeguard against them.


Neil Denny is a senior associate with over 20 years’ experience of working in divorce and separation.  He regularly delivers workshops and presentations to organisations and is recognised as a highly effective and inspirational trainer and educator.

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7th March

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24th October


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‘’You only need to go along to a workshop prepared and run by Neil to know you’re taking part in something special. Just because Neil is a practicing lawyer, don’t let that fool you into thinking his training is simply a bit on the side. I’ve had the privilege to be trained by some of the best known in the world, and Neil is a trainer par excellence”  Stephen Anderson, Mediator.




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