The Will Validity Course - Online via Zoom

4 hours
4 Hours CPD


Tutor:  Antony Brinkman

Most of the clients we see and the circumstances under which we conduct our business are, thankfully, quite “normal”.  There will not be any question about their mental capacity or any concerns about duress or unnecessary pressures.  But sometimes there will be.  It is at these times when your knowledge of what makes a will valid are going to be tested.

  • How do you recognise when there is a problem?
  • What do you do to safeguard yourself and your client?
  • What precautions can you implement in your procedures to eliminate future claims?

This course will cover the following topics to give you a broader and deeper understanding of what makes a will valid:

  • Testamentary Capacity
  • Intention
  • Knowledge and Approval
  • Undue influence, Fraud and Forgery
  • The Formalities


Dates for 2024:

19th June

6th November

Timings are:  10:00 – 3:00


Costs:  Members £100 (Non-Members £125)


Feedback from others:

I gained a far greater understanding of the intricacies of will writing on this course, and a whole new perspective on making proper notes! Really enjoyed it from start to finish. Great examples in the course materials and as ever some super debate from within the group – N.T.

Great case studies and discussion amongst the group, and the practical assignments gets your brain working hard!! Enjoyed the day immensely – A.S.

It’s good to re-focus on the legislation and case law from time to time, and the case notes were really interesting to read. I thoroughly enjoyed the content and found the whole day highly informative – J.W.

 The explanation of persuasion / coercion and undue influence was an eye-opener! Everything was well-explained. Great meeting – very informative as always! – N.P.




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