How to Take Perfect Instructions

4 Hours CPD

How to Take PERFECT Instructions – Every Time!

Tutor:  Antony Brinkman

Whether you are new to the industry or have been an Estate Planner for the last 30 years, this course will boost your instruction-taking to a new level!!

The course will answer the following questions, and more:

  • What is the single most important skill in instruction-taking, and how can you improve it?
  • Which two points sit at the heart of all communication with your client?
  • How can you be certain that you have ALL the information you need from a client?
  • What one factor will stop you from giving accurate advice to clients?
  • How can you transform the experience your client has and massively increase your referrals?

Professional negligence is a worry for any estate planner, but it need not be a such a concern if your instruction-taking is correct. As with any subject, your competence will come down to the skills you have and the tools you use. This course covers both aspects and will give you a fresh insight into your career as a Professional Estate Planner.


2022 Dates – this course is now available online via Zoom

19th January – FULLY BOOKED

16th March – FULLY BOOKED

18th May

20th July

21st September

16th November


Don’t take our word for it:

“Thank you for this course – it was money and time well spent! The experiences shared by the whole room, and Antony especially, were really helpful” – M.C.

“It was good to listen to other practitioners instruction-taking experiences and to see the examples of checklists and instruction forms on the handouts. There was good interaction between the tutor and practitioners throughout the day. Thank you.” – G.M.

“This course is interesting, interactive and a very clear presentation of some vitally important points. It is useful and relevant to every-day work. Thank you.” – S.T.

“There were some important points raised on the course, and practical points to take better instructions. Taking better financial details, more detailed notes around assets, family structure etc.” – J.W.

“Highly recommended course – content was very relevant, excellent examples of difficulties and plenty of time for Q & A” – C R

“Very informative and everything was explained in a clear way with good examples – I should have attended this course earlier and definitely recommend it” – G. T

Tutor Bio:

Antony Brinkman has been an estate planner since 1999. He has appeared on radio and TV as a featured guest representing this industry, has been regional chair for the North West since 2014 and is currently the Chairman of the Professional Standards Board, which he has been involved with since its inception in 2016. He has run four successful businesses in four different sectors, and his estate planning company has won multiple business awards.

Outside of work, he is a husband and father. Along with his family he contributes to several charities including The Truth About Drugs to educate the youth of today and thereby prevent the lost opportunities from lives that get destroyed by drug addiction.

He is also a fan of Genesis, but nobody is perfect.