Last Will and Testament document

In the early days, the media and other ‘professions’ made much of the fact that there was little or no training or education for Will Writers and that many were ‘unqualified’. Still today in some circles that may be true, but the Society of Will Writers founded the College of Will Writing in 1994 to address this matter.

In the absence of statutory regulation, and recently the Lord Chancellor in a White Paper stated again that he did not feel that there were sufficient problems to regulate the Will Writing profession, the Society and the College stand together to ensure that the consumer is at the heart of all we do and our role is to protect the public from unscrupulous practices. And whilst training and education alone will not stop these dealings, membership of the Society will give the Will Writer the credence and instil in the consumer the confidence that the bearer of the Society’s designatory letters is ‘safe to do business with’.