Lasting Powers of Attorney/Commercial LPA course

1 Day
5 Hours CPD


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Lasting Power of Attorney and Commercial Lasting Power of Attorneys – A comprehensive one day course

Lasting Powers of Attorney 


2.5 hours CPD


The law changes regularly concerning Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA). Being out of date or not knowing the answer to a client’s question places you in a difficult situation. Knowing how to advise clients on LPAs gives you further opportunities to grow your business. This course takes you through advising clients about why they should make an LPA and how not having one could affect them.


The Much Hon. Craig Ward, Baron of Lundie MSc Solicitor and author of the Law Society’s book on Lasting Powers of Attorney (2016) will show you how to take instructions, confirm mental capacity, drafting appropriate LPAs and their clauses. Craig will also show you how to advise clients on choosing attorneys and using an LPA.


This course covers:

  • Advising on financial and health and welfare LPAs
  • Understanding mental capacity assessments
  • Acting as the certificate provider
  • Advising on the MCA Code of Practice
  • Developing and marketing your LPA practice



Business Lasting Powers of Attorney 


2.5 hours CPD


Drafting a business LPA is more than just adding a separation clause. The client needs appropriate advice relevant to their business structure and information about using their specific business LPA.


If a business doesn’t have an LPA in place and the owner lacks capacity, for some businesses this could mean their end. Advising clients on how to protect their business is an essential part of crisis management which this course will address.


The Much Hon. Craig Ward, Baron of Lundie MSc Solicitor and author of the Law Society’s book on Lasting Powers of Attorney (2016) will unpack differences between business types, how to identify problems in business agreements or articles and how to advise on personal and business LPA clashes.


This course takes you through:

  • Advising on legislation affecting partnerships and companies
  • Reviewing commercial structures
  • Adjustments to commercial documents
  • Directors: problems and removals
  • Drafting business LPA clauses

2018 Dates TBA 

Course Price: Members – £98.50

Non-members – £175

CPD Hours: 5


“Craig was excellent and explained things in a very clear way and answered every question fully . Outstanding” – GR


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