The College of Will Writing’s new dedicated training and conference facility is situated not far from the A46 in Lincoln.

It is easily accessible from road or by public transport, and boasts ample parking.

Lincoln itself is a magnificent city with great historical significance. It has a cathedral and castle dating back hundreds of years. Both dominate the landscape.

Lincoln is one of England’s up and coming cities with a University rapidly climbing the tables.


This is the well renowned ‘steep hill’. It has had many magazines and TV features. It leads to the Bailgate and cathedral quarter. There are countless adorable restaurants, traditional pubs, tearooms and gift shops to enjoy. A great place to leave a partner if you’re attending a course.

The Brayford marina houses a large number of boats and cruisers. It is surrounded on the south side by the University but the best part is the fine foods on offer at countless restaurants on the waterfront. There are a number of hotels nearby such as the Hilton (featuring the Electric bar) and the Holiday Inn.

Lincoln is a fantastic place to visit not only for our courses but because of its geographical position. We are located only 40 minutes from the seaside resort of Skegness. Fantastic for fish & chips.


Times to Lincoln (via road)

London – Lincoln – 3 hours

Birmingham – Lincoln 1 hour 50 min’s

Newcastle – Lincoln – 2 hours 45 min’s

Exeter – Lincoln – 4 hours 20 min’s

Huddersfield – Lincoln  – 1 hour 35 min’s

Swansea – Lincoln  – 4 hours 10 min’s

Lincoln is located 20 minutes from the A1, and is connected to Leicester via the A46. This makes it very convenient  for travel.

Times to Lincoln (via rail)

London – Lincoln – 2 Hours

Birmingham – Lincoln 2 Hours 25 min’s

Newcastle – Lincoln 2 Hours 25 min’s

Huddersfield – Lincoln – 2 hours 20 min’s

Times shown are estimated and not to be relied on when travelling.

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