• September Online CPD 2018

    1 Lessons

    September Online CPD 2018 In this month’s CPD we are going to consider the ways in which a will or sections of a will can be revoked.  A Will is ambulatory in nature and may be revoked by the testator at any point during their lifetime provided they still have the mental capacity to do […]

  • August Online CPD 2018

    1 Lessons

    August Online CPD 2018 For this month’s paper we’re delving into a more theoretical area of succession law and covering donations mortis causa (singular: donation mortis causa) or DMC’s for short. DMC’s occupy an interesting space between lifetime gifts and gifts by will, so let’s take a look at the requirements of making one and […]

  • July Online CPD 2018

    1 Lessons

    July Online CPD 2018 This month’s paper will look at advance decisions, which you’ve also probably seen referred to as advance directives or living wills. We will aim to examine what they do, why a person might want one, and the requirements for an advance decision to be valid.  

  • June Online CPD 2018

    1 Lessons

    June Online CPD 2018 This month’s paper will look at definitions and rules of construction affecting beneficiaries. It is important that the instruction taker and the will drafter, who may not necessarily be the same person, ensure that the testator’s wishes are interpreted with absolute certainty. To ensure that a legacy passes to the correct […]

  • May Online CPD 2018

    1 Lessons

    May Online CPD 2018 The Immediate Post Death Interest (IPDI) trust should be well known among Will Writers as it is a great protective tool in the estate planning kit. This month’s CPD paper will aim to cover the finer details of the IPDI so Will Writers can strengthen their understanding of what they do […]

  • April Online CPD 2018

    1 Lessons

    April Online CPD 2018 This month’s CPD will discuss the particulars of the appointment of executors and who is entitled to apply for a grant of probate. This paper will not aim to cover the appointment of administrators.  

  • March Online CPD 2018

    1 Lessons

    March Online CPD 2018 This month we look at developments that may be taking place within the courts potentially changing the basis on which negligence is decided when a case involving the possibility of professional negligence is heard.  

  • February Online CPD 2018

    1 Lessons

    February Online CPD 2018 This month’s CPD will focus on The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR for short) which is set to take affect from 25th May 2018. There will be no transitional period from the current Data Protection Act (DPA) into the GDPR. You must be prepared for GDPR from the start and failure to do […]

  • January Online CPD 2018

    1 Lessons

    January Online CPD 2018 This month’s CPD will examine how a deed of variation can be used as an effective post death estate planning tool, its uses and why it might be advantageous to alter the distribution of an estate after death. In this paper we aim to provide practical knowledge to allow the will […]

  • December Online CPD 2017

    1 Lessons

    December Online CPD 2017 Barring the exception of privileged and statutory wills, a will must comply with the requirements set out by section 9 of the Wills Act 1837 to be valid. This month’s CPD will cover these formalities in detail.  

  • November Online CPD 2017

    1 Lessons

    November Online CPD 2017 Business Property Relief (BPR) is one of the most valuable tax reliefs available to business owners. This month’s CPD paper will offer an introduction to BPR and the requirements a business must meet to qualify for the relief.  

  • October Online CPD 2017

    1 Lessons

    October Online CPD 2017 This month’s CPD paper will cover the legal meaning and operation of “abatement” and “ademption”. While these have been covered briefly in an earlier paper (Failure of Gifts) this paper will look at abatement and ademption in greater detail.  

  • September Online CPD 2017

    1 Lessons

    September Online CPD 2017 In this month’s CPD we are going to ensure that you can clearly understand the rule of gifts with reservation of benefit and pre-owned assets tax. This article will allow you to be able to identify a number of points which will aid you in examining your client’s estates.  

  • August Online CPD 2017

    1 Lessons

    August Online CPD 2017 Last month (13th July 2017) the Law Commission launched a consultation paper to tackle issues surrounding the law of Wills, chiefly aiming to bring Wills into the modern age. The Law Commission has highlighted the age of the current legislation as a root of the problem and suggested that the law […]

  • July Online CPD 2017

    1 Lessons

    July Online CPD 2017 Anyone writing a Will who is a parent to children under the age of 18 (minor children) should consider including a clause in their Will to appoint guardians. This will provide them with the peace of mind that people they know and trust will take care of their children after their […]


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