Psychopomp: Leading the Legacy (online course)

10 Hours CPD



Much like the spirit, it is your role to guide your client through a proper estate plan. Every client and every family and every situation will be different, and only through a proper understanding of their individual needs and how best to serve them can you effectively achieve this.

This practical hands-on course takes a pragmatic approach to estate planning and getting your clients affairs in order. This course slips neatly into our existing range of Estate Planning Courses and serves as the perfect follow-up to our SWWEPP Wills and Estate Planning Certificate course teaching you through practical scenarios to begin properly applying the knowledge you have gained.

Set at an introductory/intermediary level, the course goes step-by-step through the following processes:

  • Assessing the client’s needs: capacity, liabilities, ambitions;
  • Formulating a draft plan: combining both lifetime and Will planning; what to include in the Will: beneficiaries, formalities, risks;
  • Will trusts and practical considerations: IHT, control, storage;
  • Lifetime planning and gifts: tax, trusteeship, outcomes;
  • How to set up a trust: processes, partners, appointments;
  • Bringing it all together: case studies.

Through the practical elements of this course you will develop a far better understanding of Estate Planning at a higher level.

This course has now gone live and is available as your next step following the SWWEPP Certificate Course and is priced at £495 per student. You get 6 months in which to complete the course, after this time there will be a charge of £150 to reactivate your account for a further 4 months.

If you are interested in booking this distance learning course, please contact Diane in the usual way at  Completion of the course is worth 10 CPD hours.


The primary aims of the College are to secure proper public recognition of the professional status of the Will Writing practitioners and to raise and maintain the standards of knowledge, understanding and competence within the profession. The College regards these aims as mutually inclusive and recognises the diversity of entrants into the profession, the wide range of vocational needs, and the nature and degree of support that is obtained from the organisation of which one is associated.

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