Psychopomp: Leading the Legacy


Here is what others have said about this course:

“As always, James’s instruction was clear, engaging and highly informative.  Came away with lots of learning points, both academic and those which will apply to everyday business practice.  Another illuminating course, thank you.” S.T – April ’19

“The course was packed with information, ideas and practical comments from the tutor’s experience. The group of students were knowledgeable and many ideas and tips came from the whole group. Practical case studies were excellent.” A.A – November ‘18

“This was an excellent course and well presented” M.E – November ‘18


Psychopomp: Leading the Legacy

Perfecting the Estate Plan

Tutor: James Greenwood


(in Greek mythology) a guide of souls to the place of the dead.

  • the spiritual guide of a living person’s soul. “a psychopomp figure who stays by her and walks in her dreams”


Much like the spirit, it is your role to guide your client through a proper estate plan. Every client is different and only through a proper understanding of their individual needs and how best to serve them can you effectively achieve this.

This practical 2-day course takes a hands-on, pragmatic approach to estate planning and getting your client’s affairs in order. This course slots neatly into our range of Estate Planning courses and serves as the perfect follow-up to our SWWEPP Wills and Estate Planning Certificate teaching you through practical scenarios and workshops to begin properly applying the knowledge you have gained.

Set at an introductory/intermediate level, the course goes step-by-step through the following processes:

  • Assessing the client’s needs: capacity, liabilities, ambitions
  • Formulating draft plans: combining lifetime and Will planning
  • What to include in the Will: beneficiaries, formalities, risks
  • Will trusts and practical considerations: IHT, control, storage
  • Lifetime planning and gifts: tax, trusteeship, outcomes
  • How to set up a trust: processes, partners, appointments
  • Bringing it together: case studies, role plays and workshops

Through the practical elements of this course you will develop a far better understanding of Estate Planning at a higher level.

James Greenwood uniquely approaches the subject as he does tax and trusts from a purely practical perspective as a probate practitioner. We are thrilled to have James on board as a tutor still and those of you that have attended courses given by James will no doubt be familiar not only with his style of delivery but also his knowledge and expertise. James is currently studying a 3-year PhD on Human Rights having recently completed his master’s degree at Leeds University.

The course will be available only through the College of Will Writing and is competitively priced at just £350 for the two days.


2019 Dates:

1st & 2nd April

9th & 10th September




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