Business Development Forensics

2 Days
10 Hours CPD


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Many business owners lack the basic skills when it comes to finding the right prospect leads, along with assuming and often expecting their prospects to pick the phone up & contact them.  Understanding the customer journey, wearing their shoes for a day, really interrogating, knowing, and understanding your data such as how much does it actually cost you to get a new customer (I mean REALLY COST YOU), their lifetime value and so much more – this really is the difference that makes the difference and will help you understand where and with whom you should be investing your £££’s based on facts and stop wasting your money on your perception!

Attending this course gives you: 

  • A clear understanding of what a business development strategy is
  • A business development plan that you can implement straight away.
  • An understanding of how to use forensics to understand and target your prospects – most probably in a way you have never thought of before
  • An understanding of your prospects that stand you out from your competitors
  • New ways to measure activity and ways that you think about what gives you a return on your investment
  • Understand the numbers most business never think about and YET paint the biggest picture and help shape what you should really be focused on
  • Knowing the difference that makes the difference, giving you a competitive advantage before you have even done business with your new customers

2021 Dates:  Due to Covid the College is still closed – not available as an online course.


“I recently attended Paula’s Forensics course and it was not what I expected at all – it was so informative and delved far deeper into how a business operates than I could have imagined. Paula presented the course in a very interactive manner, was very engaging and could not be more helpful. I have been running a successful business for over 20 years and Paula has made me look at my business and how it can present itself, in a whole new way. Highly recommended.”


The primary aims of the College are to secure proper public recognition of the professional status of the Will Writing practitioners and to raise and maintain the standards of knowledge, understanding and competence within the profession. The College regards these aims as mutually inclusive and recognises the diversity of entrants into the profession, the wide range of vocational needs, and the nature and degree of support that is obtained from the organisation of which one is associated.

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