Perfect Networking

5 Hours CPD



Introducing a BRAND NEW course for 2019!

Perfect Networking

Networking is all about building up a network of contacts that can buy from you, refer you, complement you and support you.

If you are someone who would like to become more effective at networking then this seminar is for you. Designed to take the pain out of networking, it will give you strategies to cope with new situations and turn networking opportunities into gold for your business.

  • What’s the right networking group for you
  • How to make a great first impression
  • What it means to ‘work a room’
  • How to make yourself memorable
  • The different forms of networking online and face to face
  • How to motivate yourself to network
  • Social media websites and how these fit into the networking concept
  • How to follow up effectively
  • How to build on the relationship, to develop and grow to mutual benefit

Who should attend – most of us need to network at some point in our career, but it is not something we are all comfortable doing or do right. Often many that do network on a regular basis get the basics wrong and don’t get the results others appear to. IF any of these rings true for you this seminar is ideal to break through those barriers and take control of your networking opportunities. Whatever your role in your organisation if you need to build contacts either in terms of customers, clients, suppliers, associates or attend industry events and represent your business in an effective manner then this is a great seminar to help you on the road to perfect networking.


2019 dates:

23rd October