More than 25 ways to increase sales and market share

5 Hours CPD



Introducing a BRAND NEW course for 2019!

More than 25 ways to increase sales and market share

  • Do you have at least 5 different referral methods… if not then get excited as this workshop will give you more than 5 referral streams… you just need to know how
  • Do you know the difference that makes the difference between those businesses that are good to those that are GREAT…
  • How to offer a niche clientele a specialist service and stand out from the crowd by simply adjusting your marketing messages
  • Being successful starts with YOU, imagine the power to change you to adapt to the thinking of a business you want to have
  • Vulnerability is not having enough marketing pillars – most owner / managers only have 3 – 5 marketing methods (if that) and most do not track their effectiveness… sound like you – then join us to create the business stability you deserve

Attendance at this workshop guarantees you will leave with MORE THAN 25 ways to make a real difference to your bottom line including…

  • How to bring in new customers
  • How to get customers to buy more
  • What is the difference between marketing and sales and why is it important to know the difference?
  • Why knowing who your competitors are can make a difference to your business
  • How permission based marketing can have a BIG effect on your bottom line
  • Why most businesses fail so badly when it comes to sales and marketing and what you need to do to AVOID those mistakes
  • Q&A with a chance to raise your own challenges

Who should attend – whether you are the owner / manager or your remit includes the marketing/ sales aspect of the business, this workshop is ideal for you as you will leave with an action plan full of ideas that can be implemented immediately, this supporting your role to bring in new business.


2019 dates:

12th September


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