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New Tutor:

Robert Newman – Managing Director, Carter Collins & Myer 

Rob’s been an accountant for almost twenty years.

During that time he has helped both private individuals and business clients to achieve their goals through straight forward, proactive and practical advice, given on a fixed fee basis, with a value for money principle. His mission is to add value to his clients’ business and personal affairs.

At various times he’s also been a chef, soldier, civil servant, bodybuilder, corporate warrior, retailer, part trained physiotherapist and life adviser. He’s started and run several business and he’s made and lost a lot of money!

Today, He and Carter, Collins & Myer Limited offer clients a tailored and personal service and strive to exceed their needs. The highly experienced Carter, Collins & Myer Limited team seeks first to understand the unique business pressures facing each of our clients before creating commercial and workable solutions to those complex challenges.


Small and medium size businesses make up the backbone of the UK.

At the start of 2014:
There were an estimated 5.2 million businesses in the UK which employed 25.2 million people, and had a combined turnover of more than £3,500 billion
Small firms accounted for 99.3 per cent of all private sector businesses in the UK, 47.8 per cent of private sector employment and 33.2 per cent of private sector turnover
Small and medium sized businesses employed 15.2 million people and had a combined turnover of £1.6 trillion
Of all businesses, 62 per cent (3.3 million) were sole proprietorships, 29 per cent (1.5 million) were companies and nine per cent (460,000) partnerships
The biggest percentage increases in the number of businesses since the start of 2013 were in Wales (up 13%) and the North East (12%)
18% of all SMEs in the UK private sector operate in the Construction sector while 15% operate in the Professional, Scientific and Technical sectors.
Wholesale and Retail Trade accounts for over a third of all SME turnover (35%)

It is likely that very few of these businesses will have any, or have given any thought to succession planning or an exit strategy; or to what would happen if they were unable to manage their own or their business affairs.


This is a two day course set at an advanced level

This course uses practical case studies and sample precedents to deal with the types of issues your business clients may benefit from your pro active informed advice.


  1. Different Business Structures


  1. Business management succession issues on death and mental incapacity in relation to each type of business and their solutions using practical case studies


  1. Ownership succession issues for each type of business and their solutions using practical examples


  1. An explanation of the various Business Tax Reliefs on death and pro active steps that can be taken to ensure your client’s business is eligible with particular reference to Business Property relief and how not to lose it and Agricultural Property Relief


  1. Trusts and Business interests


  1. A summary of Inheritance tax and Capital gains tax mitigation generally in relation to business.



16/17 May 2017 – Fully booked

1/2 November 2017




*Source of statistics Federation of Small Businesses


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